TURTLE Community Update Sept 29th 2021

Dear TURTLE community,

We apologize for the delay in progress the last couple of months after such a great start, work has continued behind the scenes with a focus on NFTs, game development, and charitable causes, we will be touching on this shortly.

As you know, TURTLE is a community-run project where all the tokens have already been unlocked on the Uniswap pool. This means no more tokens will ever enter the circulating supply. Members such as myself invested in the token before joining the team (unpaid) as we wanted to offer up our skills to better the project and help make it a success.

[ If any investor/community member has ideas they wish to share that can contribute to the success of TURTLE then please get in touch, we are all community members wanting the best for this token. ]

Now onto the more juicy stuff…

As a team we have we have been discussing ways in which we can make the token more appealing to investors and token holders, and one of these ways would be to make the token deflationary, but how can we achieve this? Good question, if all the supply is already circulating, and there are no dev or marketing wallets or any tokens set aside for such things, then what can we do?

Well, we have to create a mechanism that allows us to burn tokens from the circulating supply.

This is where TURTLE LUTE NFTs will come into play…

When we auction and sell any TURTLE LUTE NFT a large percentage of the sale will be used to buy back TURTLE from the open market and then send those TURTLE tokens to a dead address (00000….) within the contract which will effectively remove them from the circulating supply and can never be touched again.

Another option in the future would be to also run gaming events where the entry fee is paid in TURTLE and those entry fees are then sent to the dead address (00000……) removing them from circulation and decreasing the TURTLE token supply making it more and more scarce over time.

We will also be listening to the community to find new ways to increase the deflationary rate whilst increasing the value of TURTLE tokens.

So with all that said, here is a more detailed breakdown of what to expect in the coming weeks and months:

OCEAN LUTE TURTLE HOLDER PRIZE EVENT — Our latest game to come out of development centered around cleaning the ocean of rubbish by shooting it out of the ocean with a cannon!

The gaming event will start on Friday 1st October, we will be sharing a link to a private telegram channel on Friday where you can only access the channel if you hold a minimum of 45000000000 TURTLE Tokens, around $10 currently. Once you enter the channel you will be able to play the game and see your results on the leader board.

Prize Breakdown:

10 Prizes

1st Place = $300 in TURTLE
2nd Place = $200 in TURTLE
3rd Place = $100 in TURLTE
4th-10th Place = $25 in TURTLE

The competition will end a week later on Friday 8th October where winners will be verified and paid their prizes.

Future gaming events will include different prize pools, and you will be able to win NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.

TURTLE LUTE NFT Auction and Sells

As you may be aware, we were lucky to have @boboshiba_inu design our first NFTs, we loved his hand-drawn style and thought it would be a good match for our TURTLES.

There are 2 special editions to the first NFT collection which will be auctioned off starting this Friday, they include LUTE high with ELON MUSK and LUTE chilling with PARIS HILTON.

We will also be listing 10 unique LUTE NFTs to buy now for only 0.10 ETH, followed by 2 legendary animated LUTE NFTs which will be listed at 0.20 ETH each.

ALL PROFITS raised from the selling of TURTLE LUTE NFTs will be distributed the following way:

Charity Donation — 30%
Buy Back and Burn TURTLE from circulating supply — 40%
Marketing Wallet for Prize Pool and NFT development/partnerships — 30%

All NFTs will be listed for Auction or Sale on Friday 1st October, but wait, there is more…

We are currently looking into ways to give utility to the TURTLE LUTE NFTs, and one way we had in mind was to give access to all gaming comps free of charge to anyone holding a TURTLE LUTE NFT.

Also, as an NFT holder, you will get access to all private channels in our discord server where you will get to see sneak peeks of future NFTs and games as well as join our team chats and share ideas.

We are currently building out the TURTLE discord server and will be sharing a link to this shortly for you to join — the main focus currently on discord will be around NFTs, however, there will also be other channels on our discord for discussing other topics and ideas and to also cover the most frequently asked questions.


We will be sharing several posts on Twitter in the build-up and during the events, including an influencer push with the likes of @OfficialTravlad

We will also be publishing more items like this on our medium channel with more regular updates.

We are currently looking into future advertising options and will be focused on building a strong community which we believe is as good if not better than any advertising you can do online.


Money raised from the sales of our first NFTs (30%) will be donated to Ocean Defenders — https://www.oceandefenders.org who have been mentioned to me by various community members and also accept ETH as payment on their donation page — all info and proof on this will be shared as it happens.

We will continue to work on our roadmap and encourage any investor or holder who has ideas no matter how large or small to get in touch and help us grow TURTLE into the best community meme token with utility out there!

PS. The exact times for our gaming event and NFT drops will be shared ASAP, however, for all you ocean-loving gamers out there, we will be dropping the new game in the main chat to allow you a couple of days practice before the main event begins on Friday. Enjoy!